“National Peacekeeping operations training center was established in March 8, 2002 by the order of H/09 of Minister of Defense within the structure of 311th unit of the Mongolian Armed Forces led by Major B.Bayarmagnai aiming at training the personnel to be deployed to peacekeeping operations

            As the number of service members who had been participating in peacekeeping operations increased, there was pressing necessity to impart knowledge and skills to them using training facility. The peace support operations training center has been operating for 10 years hereto since it was restructured in 2008 by the order H/64 of Minister of Defense. During the time, the peace support operations training center was led by lieutenant colonel D.Ganzorig /2008-2010/, lieutenant colonel B.Baatar /2010-2011/, colonel B.Bat-Erdene /2011-2018/

  The Peace support operations training center of the Mongolian Armed Forces was acknowledged as a full-fledged member of Association of Asia-Pacific Peace Operations Training Centers /AAPTC/ in 2009 and NATO Partnership Training And Education Centers /PTEC/ in 2014 expanding its capabilities to become regional peace support operations training center.

In last decade about 100 contingents were dispatched to peacekeeping operations in Iraq, Kosovo, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Sierra Lione, Chad, Central African Republic, Sudan South Sudan attending pre-deployment training at the Peace support operations training center. The Peace support operations training center hosted over 50 multinational and bilateral peace support operations field exercises and command post exercises such as ‘Khan Quest’, ‘Nomadic Elephant’, ‘Decisive Decision’ and about 30 UN courses involving 34000 service members in repeated counting.