Welcome to the «Five Hills Peace Support Operations Training Center» (FHPSOTC) official Web Site. Our Center conducts a series of significant activities including pre-deployment training up to Battalion level, both national and international courses, seminars, as well.

The FHPSOTC is a proud member of the Association of Asia-Pacific Peace operations training centers (AAPTC) and NATO’s Partnership training and education centers (PTEC) as well. The training objectives comprise a varied spectrum of activities.

However, the key training objective is to provide academic and field training (to National and Multinational personnel), which is in accordance with the most current internationally accepted standards (NATO and UN), pre-deployment «mission-specific» training of National contingents, Staff Elements and Military Observers, which are tasked to participate in PSOs, prior to their mission assignment.

The highly professional lectures, the realistic field training, our contemporary facilities, and the appropriate administrative and logistics support ensure FHPSOTC’s elevated professionalism to meet students’ expectations. The courses are continually revised and updated to reflect current developments and PSO demands. In conclusion, I am looking forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming courses and exercises.

Commanding officer FHPSOTC Lieutenant colonel B.Enkhtsag