The first Artillery mobile training team of Mongolian armed forces is deployed to the Afghanistan and led by Col Vanchinsuren.J in accordance with agreement established between Ministry of Defense of Mongolia and United states department of Defense, regarding “The transportation and logistics of Mongolian training team assigned to help the Afghanistan National army in technical framing and maintenance field”.

Within the framework of “Afghan national army development program”, Field artillery mobile training team of the Mongolian armed forces was assigned primarily to train officers, NCO’s and contracted artillery soldiers of Afghan National Army and repair artillery weapons such as howitzer, mortar and anti-tank weapons.

By doing so, it’s of great importance to raise the Mongolian armed forces’ reputation on international platform, exchange experience and assess own specialty’s ability comparing with other country’s artillery specialties.

From 2003 to 2012 total 235 specialists of 13 rotation of Field Artillery Mobile training team of the Mongolian Armed forces had successfully trained over 12000 officers, NCO’s and contractor artillery soldiers of Afghan National Army, repairing 800 howitzer, mortar and anti-tank weapons it’s significant support to improving Afghan national army’s capacity to carry out special tasks and war fighting operations independently.